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    With the mission to create the future of education and learning.

    Our educational system is failing

    There is an overwhelming need to reinvent our educational system as there are clear signs of it currently being incapable of preparing the young to meet the complexity of today's society. This needs to be done through system innovation.


    The Reinventing Learning initiative is an independent, non-profit, entrepreneurial organisation with the mission to explore the future of learning and education as well as to co-create new methods and solutions together with students, schools, educational developers and scientists.


    Our society has changed enormously in the last decades; changes that are not mirrored in the educational system. Our students need a school that develops their abilities for well-being and learning in the complexity of an interconnected, globalised society that is constantly changing at an ever increasing speed. The future will require a school that truly supports each student in his or her own personal development, in order to live a sustainable and enriching life, for the benefit of themselves and society as a whole.


    We are convinced that we can achieve this by leveraging on the latest findings of modern research in areas such as cognitive neuroscience, positive psychology, self-management and motivation theory. With this scientific base, we are exploring and co-creating the future of education and life-long learning.

    A catalyst for change

    It has become obvious over the past decade that the school system is in urgent need of being reinvented to provide individuals with the skills needed to flourish and develop in the midst of complexity. Reinventing Learning is aiming to act as a catalyst for change and as a partner supporting and facilitating the development of the educational system.


    During the last 20 years, we have seen three major forces change our society at an exponentially increasing rate; globalization, information technology and automation. Today's school, whose foundation was officially laid in 1842, was designed for the industrial society that dominated the 1900s and was characterized by simple tasks and a slow rate of change. This outdated approach to learning, together with a lack of innovation and evaluation of methods used in schools, has resulted in reforms often having little, no, or negative impact on students' development. The signs of stress, mental illness and a negative trend in academic grades speak for themselves.


    Sweden's decentralised organisation of the educational system is not united by a common strategy, nor is it aligned to create solutions for arising problems. A common view on how the school should develop to meet future needs is also lacking. These are all crucial issues to address in order to create an effective and successful way forward.


    Furthermore, the complex and important task of managing the development of schools is most often handled by one or a few officials in a municipality or in a school group, often with inadequate resources. To take on the necessary changes in the school system is a huge task which requires a platform for collaboration, access to modern research and a solution-based spirit, among many other things.

    A platform for collaborative exploration

    Our role is to provide a platform for collaborative exploration of the causes of these alarming issues, and more importantly, of the possibilities we have to address them if we look beyond traditional boundaries of education.


    By aggregating and combining new insights from modern fields of research, such as cognitive neuroscience and positive psychology, we find some very interesting perspectives on learning. These support the creation of a new education system, based on modern and relevant understandings of the human being, our motivation, drives and how individuals develop.


    Hence we have two main missions. The first is to research, discover and develop new methods, approaches and perspectives on learning based on multidisciplinary fields of research. The second is to spread and integrate this knowledge widely, to the Swedish school system but also internationally to school developers and researchers all around the world.


    With our close collaboration with The Division of Clinical Neuroscience (CNS) at Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm, and the research group of Professor Petter Gustavsson, we have aggregated the latest scientific findings from all over the world from research fields such as Emotional intelligence, Mindsets, Self-determination, Autonomy support, and Belongingness. This research is invaluable in the classrooms, but historically too little of it has been developed into practical applications to be used by teachers and principals.


    Together with co-creators such as Region Halland, our main partner since 2012, we systematically select, develop and package science and theory into methods, frameworks and approaches. Practical tools which the teachers and principals can use in their everyday work with teaching, coaching, learning and leading the development and well-being of individuals.

    Co-creation - the key to success

    Our methodology is co-creation and curious exploration. Based on the latest research within learning and motivation, as well as thorough insights into the problems that the Swedish school system is facing today, we want to create positive and sustainable change.


    We are convinced that co-creation with relevant actors involved in the process is a crucial factor for success, and the only way to ensure that the ideas and solutions generated are relevant and effective. Therefore, our initiative will be a joint effort between students, schools, educational developers, scientists and entrepreneurs.

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    The Reinventing Learning Initiative

    Reinventing Learning Initiative is an independent, non-profit, entrepreneurial organisation whose objective is to explore the needs of learning and education that the future demands and, based on these findings, to reinvent an educational system based on scientific grounds, that will adequately support and prepare our children for the future.


    Along with some of Sweden's foremost philanthropists and change-makers, and in close co-operation with researchers at Karolinska Institutet, we will hard to give momentum to this urgent change.


    Founders of the Reinventing Learning Foundation are Tomas Björkman (through the Ekskäret Foundation), Erik Fernholm and Sven Hagströmer, with financial support from Axfoundation and Vinnova.

  • More facts...

    ...about our partners and related initiatives

    Bättre skolor 

    Bättre Skolor (Better Schools) is working together with experts, teachers and school management, to make research results useful for educators and school leaders in their everyday life. We strive to co-create an educational system that can take advantage of our young people's motivation, creativity, curiosity and abilities. Bättre Skolor provides processes and tools based on leading research findings from cognitive neuroscience and positive psychology which enable teachers to create well-being among the students that creates greater performance.


    The Reinventing Learning Foundation is born from the successful experience that Bättre skolor has had in various school projects, such as the project Välmående ger resultat in (Well-being creates results). Read more below.

    A successful school project

    The project Välmående ger resultat in (Well-being creates results) is a unique project initiated by Bättre skolor. Research findings show clear evidence that teachers and students who feel good also perform better. The initiative is originating from research on well-being, brain function and factors influencing our learning positively.


    The project is focusing on which abilities lead to a better school performance and how we can build necessary skills as self-motivation, self-compassion, self-management etc. Those who have a positive attitude are to a larger extent motivated and creative and they also have a greater ability to translate ideas into action.

    Based on scientific research

    In a recent collaboration with The Division of Clinical Neuroscience (CNS) at Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm, and the research group of Professor Petter Gustavsson, we have aggregated the latest scientific findings from all over the world from research fields such as Emotional intelligence, Mindsets, Self-determination, Autonomy support, Belongingness, etc. Also, together we have been analysing in which areas we need to do more research to complement the existing insights.

  • Our financial partners


    Entrepreneurship as a force for change

    Axfoundation is an independent, non-profit organisation whose objective is to establish venues and conditions for real change that propel us toward a sustainable society. Our work often involves building bridges between researchers, experts, decision-makers and practitioners.


    Develops Sweden's innovation capacity for sustainable growth and benefiting society. 

    We promote sustainable growth by funding needs-driven research and stimulating collaborations between companies, universities, research institutes and the public sector. 

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